Jon Pine's love affair with the camera began more than 25 years ago when he was in junior high school. Early on, it was clear that he had an uncanny knack for capturing the nuances and unique characteristics of people, in artistic, flattering poses and settings.

Jon's first professional shoot was the wedding of a family friend, and bolstered by this enriching experience, he launched Visions Photography shortly after graduating high school. "Photography is one of those rare professions – you get to be creative and have fun, and you get paid, too," Jon says. "The enjoyment and satisfaction you give is equal to the enjoyment and satisfaction you get in return. Every assignment is unique, with new opportunities for personal enrichment every day."

Requests soon came in to Visions Photography for other weddings and portrait sessions. Jon holds a bachelors degree in art from the State University of New York, Empire State College. He also studied at the noted Catskill Center for Photography in Woodstock, New York, including workshops with Pete Turner, Duane Michaels and other notable lensmen.

After graduation, Jon began a 25-year career in photojournalism, shooting and writing for daily newspapers and magazines in New York, and later in Florida. "It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is truer of photojournalism than of any other type of photography," Jon says. "Shooting for newspapers and magazines taught me how to 'capture the moment' on film, which proved incredibly valuable to my work as a wedding photographer."

Photojournalism also provided Jon with a wide variety of subjects – from hoodlums and politicians to sports figures, rock stars and celebrities – and honed his skills for shooting in all sorts of lighting conditions and settings. During this time, Jon continued to shoot weddings, portraits and commercial assignments, and continued studying at workshops and with photographers around the country. In addition to being published, his work has been honored with awards from the Associated Press, the American Advertising Federation and other professional organizations.

People are still his favorite subjects, particularly children, families and models. "The key to making your subjects look their best can be described in one word: relationship. And like all relationships, you have to invest the time to get to know your subjects – their personalities, attitudes, whims and desires.

"It's very similar to a doctor's 'bedside manner.' When the subjects are relaxed and comfortable with me, together we can create photographs that are more natural, pleasing and a more accurate reflection of the subject. If that comfort level isn't there, it will show in the photos."

Today, Visions Photography has been renamed Jon Pine Photography. The full-service studio is located in Vero Beach, Florida, in the heart of the city's "Miracle Mile" commercial district. The studio is equipped with more than 3000 watt-seconds of lighting equipment, backdrops, reflectors, diffusers – everything needed to shoot just about anything for any client.

And everything is entirely portable, for shoots in virtually any location – your home, the beach, the park, or any other setting you desire. Jon shoots in a variety of formats, in color and black-and-white, from the ground or the air – whatever the situation demands.

For more information about how he can put his wealth of ability and experience to work for you, e-mail him by clicking here.


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