True beauty is in the details. Your portraits by Jon Pine Photography will stand out from the ordinary because he takes the time to notice the details – so that the only surprises are pleasant ones.

Here are a few things that you should consider before you come to your portrait session:

Bring several outfits that you – and others who know you well – feel are flattering to you. Avoid clothing with wide stripes, overly bright colors and "wild" patterns. Instead, choose clothing with colors and textures that suit your personality and enhance your natural features – such as your eyes and hair.

And speaking of hair...

"Bad hair days" can be controlled. Actually, most people's hair looks better the second day after being washed. Your natural oils and shimmer have had a chance to return, and natural waves and curls have relaxed. Use a conditioner if your hair is dry, and if time permits, make a visit to your stylist.

If you color your hair, make your portrait appointment a week or more later, to give the color a chance to "mellow" before we take your photos. Bring a soft-bristled hair brush and hairspray with you to your portrait session.

When it comes to make-up for portraits, the number one rule is: A little goes a long way. This is a close-up art form, and heavy make-up will spoil your natural look. Use a good quality foundation to cover blemishes and to even out your skin tone.

Choose subtle shades of eye shadow, blushers and lipstick to gently emphasize your features without drawing undue attention to them.

Oily skin is the worst enemy of the bright lights in the studio. Bring along facial powder and a puff or blotting cloths to soften the shine during your session.

Use eyeliner and mascara for formal or "evening" shots, especially in the studio, but you may wish to skip them for casual and outdoor shoots.

Most important of all, bring along a good mood! Stress and bad attitudes actually change the shape of your face and exaggerate crow's feet and other wrinkles. Get a good night's sleep beforehand, and give yourself plenty of time to get to your appointment.

To help keep your mood bright, bring along a CD of your favorite music, or choose from our selection.


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